Schools and Nurseries - Cheryl George Photography

School Website and Prospectus Photography

Updating your school prospectus?  Need some fresh photos for your website? Your school prospectus and website are vital parts of your marketing strategy, providing an invaluable insight into everyday life at your school. Whether you are looking to attract parents of new students or new members of staff, their first impressions of your school is likely to be formed from your website and prospectus. Please get in touch to find out how I can work with you to create the images you need.

School and Nursery Portraits

I have been photographing children in schools and nurseries since 2008. I want parents to be delighted with their child’s school photo, not buy it just because they feel they ought to!  If I don’t feel I am getting a natural smile from a child I will work to elicit a laugh and capture their true personality, as these are the photos parents want to buy. 

I can take photos in a natural setting within your school, or I can bring in a small portable studio including a backdrop and lights.

Please have a look at my gallery to see examples of my work.

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